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april illustration


Although april is now gone, here is a beautiful song about this very month. The poem is by Stanisław Grochowiak, the melody by my father. Here is an excerpt from the poem: APRIL Stanisław Grochowiak How blue eye you’ve got nearby woolly catkins Vicar crossed himself, the priest felt offended After all to Blessed Virgin was to be a prayer And here the bishop’s arriving ladybug… [jwplayer player=”1″ playlistid=”826″]   You can also view this video on my facebook page.

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TAIGA (fragment of poetry) Taiga, puffy, wet moss and bushes having knelt in the swamp.I don’t know for what sin’s penalty is that God ordered them here to grow. Don’t know what kind of burden guilt make these people crumpled full grays with over streak of newly built rails they don’t raise their earthy face. This poem was written by Beata Obertynska. The melody was composed by my father. Beata Obertynska was a Polish writer and poet. In 1940 she was arrested by the NKVD…

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