exquisite gens heureux


Here is my contribution for the Exquisite Collectif!

The Exquisite Collectif is an international collaborative project based on the surrealist game ‘exquisite corpse’. Basically, each participant is given an image to start working from. The two illustrations should be related either by colors, technique, composition… The editing criteria is personal.

The theme of their new open call is ♫ THE STORY BEHIND A SONG ♫
I chose “La ballade des gens heureux” by Gérard Lenorman. Born in Poland, I was a teenager when I first came to France for a trip (end of 80’s). Even though I couldn’t understand lyrics at that time, this song became somehow linked to my very first impression of French society: elegant men and independent women, smiling and happy, people very condent in their futur, governement and values.

la ballade des gens heureux

The second tour is still on! Check the Exquisite blog and email them to participate.
Come and play :)

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