(fragment of poetry)

Taiga, puffy, wet moss and bushes
having knelt in the swamp.I don’t know
for what sin’s penalty is
that God ordered them here to grow.

Don’t know what kind of burden guilt
make these people crumpled full grays
with over streak of newly built rails
they don’t raise their earthy face.

This poem was written by Beata Obertynska.
The melody was composed by my father.

Beata Obertynska was a Polish writer and poet.
In 1940 she was arrested by the NKVD and sent to the Vorkuta Gulag, located in the Siberian region of Russia.
Released in 1942, she served with the Anders Army.
After the war she settled in England and published in London based Polish language magazines.

She wrote several poems relating her imprisonment experience in the soviet labour camp.
“Taiga”, in particular, describes the cold and hostile environment of Siberia.


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